Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome, Defiance!

Defiance...named after one of my son's fave punk bands.
Our little chocolate doe went to her new home a week ago Friday.  After all my years of pet foster care, I'd think it would not be so bittersweet, but it was and always is. I really liked her, but I think she will be quite happy and well taken care of in her new home.
Defiance in the clover
(another good rock band name)

Defiance, well....being defiant.  

So that left me with one thing to do...welcome Defiance to the herd.  

She was my little mystery she's a pretty lilac pearl.  She's a sweet girl and very people focused.  I've been a little disappointed in her density, though.  When she was next to her sister, it was super obvious. I have noticed that she has been showing some improvement in this area so maybe she is just a late bloomer. Both of her parents are very dense.  She has a nice head and ear set.  Furnishings look good, too.  Overall, I am pleased with how she is developing.  Welcome, little one! 

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