Friday, March 16, 2012

Photos from Rapunxel's Mom

Rapunxel meets her neighbor...who is not
sure what she is. But don't worry...Rapunxel is
accustomed to dogs and is well supervised. 
I was absolutely tickled to get these pics from Rapunxel's Mom, Jerrilyn. It is obvious that our pretty little chocolate girl is super lucky. She's got a dazzling personality and makes friends everywhere she, she has the most awesome name ever! 

Rapunxel relaxing in her favorite garden spot. 
Rapunxel's mom tells me was a big hit at the local vendor market and has a best friend pug to keep her company. I was so happy to see her frolicking in the garden of her new home and learn that pretty girl lives in the music room of her artist mom...such a perfect home for a bunny.

Running the Bunny 500 in the spiral herb garden...
Go, Rapunxel, Go!
Anyhow, thank you so much for sending pictures, Jerrilyn. I love seeing happy rabbits. I knew she'd be a perfect fit for you. 

 Jerrilyn wanted me to let everyone know that Angora bunnies must be supervised and brushed down (or blown out with a pet blower) when playing outdoors. Their cute little fluffy bodies act as dust mops...picking up all kinds of debris. She's absolutely right...but they're sooo cute hopping around the yard, that it's totally worth the extra work.  
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