Friday, January 13, 2012

A Letter from Romeo

Our house has been full of change lately. My daughter, and show buddy, has gotten discouraged (or maybe even...bored *gasp*) at shows.  Her rabbit , Romeo, is a nice netherland dwarf. She has taken him to about five shows in the last year. He places the same every time...always a bridesmaid, never a bride.  We talked about getting another ND, but cage space is at a premium and Romeo has quite the temper. He is a bit like handling a snake, but well behaved for the judges so that's kept him around.  Don't know if I want to breed such a tempermental bunny so we've talked about Romeo as a pet (fixed) to see if that helps his grouchiness or whether she should keep showing him.

We felt our daughter needed bunny encouragement and offered for her to help with the new EA babies.  She has been very helpful and we appreciate it. Inspired by my blog comment to Lindsey at 4 Kings rabbitry, my youngest daughter thought that her rabbit, Romeo, had something to get off of his chest.

This is what I received in The Kelfla Project e-mailbox one day this week...

Dear Kelfla's EA's,

 This Romeo, Doodle Buns Rabbitry 1st rabbit. You know me, I live with you. All I want is to say I don't like you very much. Especially Lil' Sun and Samarian (Cimmerian). Ever since ya'll had those babies I've been left in the dust. She don't care about me no more. I know half the reason is because of my behavior. I'm just being a normal boy. And I don't think that's fair that I have to get neutered. Maybe I want some lil' babies. I'll try and be good. But, the one thing I don't get is that she likes [the new baby bunnies] better than me. I mean they'll only be that small for a week or two. I'll be that small all my life. I feel so left out. That's why I'm so mean, I want attention. Whatever, you all are probably laughing at me right now.  Bye.

-- Doodle Buns Rabbitry - Romeo rabbits had to reply...

Dear Romeo of Doodle Buns,
We are so sorry.  We had no idea that you felt this way.  This explains a lot.  We always wondered why  you ran at our cages when you were out and tried to bite our noses off.  We were always glad that we had a lot of fluff and all you got was a mouth full of wool.  

We want to apologize to you.  It must be weird to be the only one in a herd of fluffy bunnies.  Charlee has volunteered to shear himself so you will not feel left out.  He is that kind of guy.  

Maybe your Mom will decide to keep showing you when you get into your new house.  We know she loves you.  You are just hard to handle sometimes.  If your Mom became interested in showing and caring for rabbits again, her parents might get you a girlfriend sometime.  Or, you can live your life as a pampered pet...which doesn't sound too bad either :)

Anyhow, we love you Romeo.  You are a member of our herd and a herd(family) is important. If you do get neutered, that will not make you any less of a man bunny.  

Kelfla's EAs       

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