Monday, January 9, 2012

Bad Hair Day

That flashy shirt isn't just for looks lol. 

I originally started this post with an attempt to find more science stuff to share, but I'm sidetracked today by sweet Hershey.  Her wool is coming out in big chunks that would make any spinner drool...which, of course, is not what you want to happen right before a show. I'm not exactly drooling. :(

Wool doesn't stick to polyester.  
That's a tricky thing with Angoras (for me anyhow)... timing the senior's coat to the show schedule. Hershey and I are definitely not on the same schedule. She is her own woman and sets her molt without regard to when I shear her coat or previous molt patterns.  I have to admire such stubborness...only to be matched to my tedious removal of each strand of luscious wool in an effort to save her coat.  This might be why, nationally, a lot of Angora folks show their rabbits in their first coat only.  It's so much easier to control/plan when you breed for a certain show.  However, you do not see a lot of Angoras at most of our shows so it's very difficult to get legs...or sometimes even see another exhibitor.  It is common practice to show second, third, fourth coats and so on.  Our rabbits, like a lot of uncommon breeds, have to see that judge's table a lot...if they want results. Hershey has one leg. We had to drive to Kansas to get it. 

Anyhow, I am glad to see from my little unscientific poll (look to the right) that at least two other folks are planning on bringing EAs so I will still show up with Hershey and Cimmerian even though they are definitely not at their peak. That way at least we'll hopefully have enough rabbits, and enough exhibitors, to make it worth it for someone.   Also, I see from the poll that no one has said they are bringing Dwarf Hotots or Thriantas. I might be safe from a spontaneous bunny purchase for another day. ;)

NOTE: There are still a few days left to answer the Blacklands Prairie RBA Show poll question.  I got a lot more responses than I anticipated so THANK YOU if you took the time to answer. :)  I hope to continue with more polls for future shows as a fun way to see what folks are planning on bringing to upcoming shows.  

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