Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Growing Up Angora

Tricky Exposure, but I love that chocolate face!
Cimmerian and Little Sun's kits are growing up.  They're seven weeks old now and so sweet.  I can't believe how much they've grown!

Okay, don't move...
They just got their tattoos for February's show...and I confirmed that they are both does (silly me...doubting myself).

I thought I'd try to get a few pictures before they get too much bigger since I've been slipping on my "photograph the kits each week" plan. It was a big tricky with the exposure and finding the right color background, since one was dark and one kit was light, Goldilocks, eventually they came out just right...or at least better.  I was surprised at how still everyone was for their session....natural posers and very patient bunnies :) However, that meant that I ended up with about thirty pictures of what look like the same picture.  
How long do we have to sit like this?

Anyhow, I've been putting them on the grooming table so they get used to it, but they're so laid back that they just sprawl out like it's naptime...which is exactly like their mother.  What a change from the Kelly/Hershey wrestling match that goes on when I put Hershey on the grooming table!  I really have to show that bunny who's the boss, but I like her diva ways so much that I sometimes just let her run amuck. 

I really love the chocolate one's ears and typey body, but I also really like the pearl's flashy color and sweet demeanor. Both bunnies have excellent crimp, too. I'm excited to see how they develop. Decisions, decisions...
Until she gets it right...ugh. 
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