Friday, January 6, 2012

Blacklands Prairie RBA Show

Pouting bunnies...we don't get to go to the show yet :(
The deadline for mail-in entries for the Blacklands Prairie RBA Show in Waxahatchie, TX is three days away (January 9th). If you're like me though, you'll probably email an entry, which is due on the 11th.  I've been busy going over everyone and making adjustments to my lineup...and will probably continue to do so. In the spirit of good fun, I've got a little poll on the right.  If you have the time, please take a minute to enter what breeds you are planning to bring.
I'm really excited about the show season as my angora friends all have this show on their "to do" list and we so rarely get a chance to see each other all at one show.  Anyhow, hope to see some of you there...but if not, I'm sure we'll meet up at some point.  Have a wonderful day!

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