Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buttercup & Kiki Know Best

If that doesn't say "insulted" I don't know what does. 
I admit it. I have control issues. I *must* have my hands in everything around me. That goes for my daughter's Satin Angora rabbit project as well.  

Yesterday, my daughter's Gray Haven's Buttercup kindled her first litter. I was proud of myself for stepping back as Kiki handled the nestbox management duties. It was my turn to be the assistant.

Kiki chose to start out by removing the nestbox from the maternity pen each night. This morning, I woke up at 4am and spied the nestbox resting in a carrier. After an hour of resisting temptation, I removed the nestbox just to check on the babies. Although the babies seemed warm, I was uncomfortable with the amount of wool Buttercup had placed in the nestbox. I had some clippings from Princess Grace (my REW EA) that I put in for additional warmth. That morning, Kiki immediately noticed the new wool. I got in trouble, but she left it in there since I apologized for meddling. I felt I was right, though. Better safe than sorry.

Kiki went to school unable to check on the babies because Buttercup was in the nestbox during the time she had allotted to check on her. Kiki gave me permission to check on babies while she was at school. Yay! Overwhelmed by all her additional rabbit duties while we were on our cruise, she did not clip down Buttercup as much as she'd liked and was worried about wool getting tangled around babies. 

Later that morning, I removed the nestbox to check on Buttercup's babies. At the top of the hay laid a pile of super white wool (Buttercup's a black tort). Buttercup had neatly placed all the wool I had put in earlier on the top of the nestbox, replacing it with lots of her own wool. I was speechless. I guess Kiki and Buttercup DO know best. 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Young Guns for Texas WrapUp

I had a great time at the Young Guns for Texas Show in Waco, TX. A few of my Angora friends do not have rabbits in show coat so the turnout was light, but we were certainly focused on a quality display...very nice animals from everyone. I had a blast! I probably should have taken pictures, but hubby stayed home this time (he's the photographer usually) and I was all caught up in the action and forgot.

There were lots of people coming around to talk about Angora rabbits. I talked to so many that I had a sore throat when I got home. Everyone was so nice and asked great questions. I even got to meet a few folks that I only knew through social media and over the phone. AND...I got to see a lady that bought one of my Angoras about a year ago. I was so happy to hear that my lilac tort girl was doing great and living the good life.

I brought Defiance along for the youth breed ID. She caused lots of scratching of head and bewildered looks. I didn't know that the older kids would have to guess color as well. She is a lilac pearl and that stumped a few. Either way, Defiance loved the attention and happily chomped on pellets while they surrounded by a circle of puzzled youth.   

As far as show results go: 

Show A (Judge Wade Burkhalter)
English Angora BOB - Caylie V.
English Angora BOS - Caylie V.
Satin Angora BOB - Kiki C. (Yay! Marshmallow)

Show B (Judge Don Sheets)
English Angora BOB - Brian F. (Yay! Stonewall Jackson)
English Angora BOS - Caylie V.
Satin Angora BOB - Kiki C.  (Yay! Marshmallow)



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Upset of Power

That's Kaptain Kitty to you!

I like a home of well-behaved animals. Most of the time, my animals comply. 

However, this Christmas we got our youngest daughter a cat from the local shelter.  They were having a kitty special so for $20 we got a spayed, vaccinated, microchipped gift of joy.  

She was a quiet, unassuming little black kitty that was an easy keeper...or so we though.

Exhibit A
After a couple of months, kitty settled in and the overthrow began. She ignored the silly dogs continuous barking to alert us of the intruder. 

She rode one dog around the house like a cowboy on a bucking bronco. Afterwards, poor Athena would huddle under the computer desk to avoid further humiliation. 

Kitty also paid no mind to our other dog's previous dominance at drinking time. She just pulled herself right on up to the waterbowl, bewildering a speechless Dan-Yell...not to mention that no animal was safe from her aerial assaults. 

Kitty also never did the normal "cat thing" of running away from the dogs. They tried their best to rid her, but she just stood fast, waiting for the right time.

Exhibit B

Then came her takeover...She gathered her troops and began to organize.  She unzipped my mobile yarn bag and deftly extracted my latest sock knitting project. With a flip of her paw, she gifted my entire ball Zauberball sock yarn to the dogs. I found Athena looking innocent with the spaghetti pile of yarn wrapped around her rabies tag. 

Later that day, the feline commander leapt atop the kitchen trash can, tossing bacon coated waxed paper to her now eager minions.

Obviously, her confidence, like all good leaders, is contagious. Today, those two dogs retrieved my favorite rabbit grooming brush atop my grooming table (which they previously respected as the "forbidden zone") using the scaffolding from our house remodel project. Unless us humans can mount an equally effective counter campaign, takeover is eminent.

I can't say for certain who did it, but while away from my computer, I mysteriously left a post on Facebook that read "==========-9989".  

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