Sunday, February 17, 2013

Young Guns for Texas WrapUp

I had a great time at the Young Guns for Texas Show in Waco, TX. A few of my Angora friends do not have rabbits in show coat so the turnout was light, but we were certainly focused on a quality display...very nice animals from everyone. I had a blast! I probably should have taken pictures, but hubby stayed home this time (he's the photographer usually) and I was all caught up in the action and forgot.

There were lots of people coming around to talk about Angora rabbits. I talked to so many that I had a sore throat when I got home. Everyone was so nice and asked great questions. I even got to meet a few folks that I only knew through social media and over the phone. AND...I got to see a lady that bought one of my Angoras about a year ago. I was so happy to hear that my lilac tort girl was doing great and living the good life.

I brought Defiance along for the youth breed ID. She caused lots of scratching of head and bewildered looks. I didn't know that the older kids would have to guess color as well. She is a lilac pearl and that stumped a few. Either way, Defiance loved the attention and happily chomped on pellets while they surrounded by a circle of puzzled youth.   

As far as show results go: 

Show A (Judge Wade Burkhalter)
English Angora BOB - Caylie V.
English Angora BOS - Caylie V.
Satin Angora BOB - Kiki C. (Yay! Marshmallow)

Show B (Judge Don Sheets)
English Angora BOB - Brian F. (Yay! Stonewall Jackson)
English Angora BOS - Caylie V.
Satin Angora BOB - Kiki C.  (Yay! Marshmallow)



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