Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kiki & Marshmallow Grow Up Nicely

Judge Teri, La Due's Marshmallow & Kiki 2nd RIS

I have to admit that often kids are finicky creatures... and mine are no different, especially my youngest. She begged to get a rabbit. We got eventually got her first Angora rabbit and she quickly became overwhelmed. 

The grooming was too much for her so I took that over. She continued feeding/cleanup duties. However before I knew it, I was completely caring for the rabbit she had spent so many months begging for 

Once I found out about rabbit shows, we let the kids pick out lower maintenance rabbits to show. Unfortunately, they lost interest in them too. We went about the business of finding them new homes and I swore that I was done with my kids and rabbits. 

 A year or so of being dragged to my rabbit show events, my daughter mentioned that she wanted to try another rabbit breed.  My show buddy, Dana raises Satin Angoras and really wanted to grow the breed in our area.  So, the daughter begins the begging. We're really not buying it this time due to her "poor credit history". But, eventually, we give in, but she must buy this one herself. She immediately gets to work and saves all her money in an old pickle jar.  I'm secretly impressed. 

An opportunity arises via a Facebook post by Amanda La Due.  She's offering a pair of Satin Angoras to a youth interested in the breed.  I enter my daughter's name, not really expecting to win, but just because she's working so hard at saving her money and I am proud of her effort.  

Luckily, Amanda picks my daughter! We're so excited!  In another fortunate twist of fate, our friend, Lara, gives Kiki a beautiful Satin Angora buck.  Later, Kiki's mentor, Dana, also chips in with another gorgeous doe.

What a difference a year has made. I've been very proud of my daughter.  She does all the grooming herself and is a good caretaker of her herd. Maybe she needed to mature a bit, or maybe her mother liked her rabbits a bit too much (as I am prone to do). I hope she forgives me for falling in love with her English Angoras. I keep hands off the Satin Angoras so she can shine with her own light...which she does.  

This past weekend, Kiki won Open 2nd RIS with her rabbit from Amanda, La Due's Marshmallow...and I'm proud to say she does it herself.  Since she has been so responsible, she can now breed for convention.  We are so thankful that the grownups around her that have been so helpful so her mother can continue to remain hands off.           

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