Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New (to me) Spinning Wheel

Been waiting a long time for this, but I finally got a spinning wheel.  Yay!! I actually got a very simple model called the Honey Bee from Bluebonnet Spinning Wheel Company.  It was a good price for a beginner so I couldn't resist the Craigslist ad. 

 I spent the next day trying to get the hang of it. It didn't actually take that long, once I watched a couple of YouTube videos. But, I dragged it out for one complete day so everyone would let me spin.  I'm hooked!

Of course, I had to name her.  So I christened this spinning wheel Aretha.  She is plain and simple, but a dream to me...all she wants is a little respect.  

I will probably never touch a drop spindle again.  A wheel is just so much faster to do the same thing. I quickly spun up some fibers that I had laying around since November. Can't wait to ply what I've spun and actually finish my first yarn.    

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