Saturday, April 21, 2012

Have Kits...Will Travel? :-(

Even the best laid plans of mice and men…
John Steinbeck certainly knew what he was talking about. 

Hershey and Cimmerian's traveling kits
My carefully planned breeding of Hershey to Cimmerian was successful!  I was so thrilled that Hershey blessed us with four beautiful kits (3 black, 1 lilac)…so far, so good.  

Hershey is a first time mom so we were worried with all those regular first-time mom things…like, will she give birth safely?  Will the kits survive? Will she reject them?  Will she be a big fat meanie like Little Sun was (territorial…not really a bad thing with little ones)? Well, Hershey did what Hershey does…she is a great mom with her same loving personality and has a nestbox full of fat bellied babies.

We timed this breeding to give the kits 3 weeks before we’d have to move them to our new home. However,things don’t always work out as planned and I had to move them at 8 days. We carefully packed up the nestbox, Hershey’s pen, and all her accessories and moved everyone to our new house across town. 

Hershey at the new house... refusing to acknowledge me.
I timed our "new" move date to give Hershey plenty of time to adjust…but she’s a smart girl and knew something was up since all her bunny friends (and pens) were disappearing, one by one.  She basically bounced all around her pen and was super edgy.  I was concerned… but this couldn’t be helped. We decided to move her right after a feeding so she’d have the most time to adjust before nursing again. 

Once in her new house, Hershey settled in fairly well.  Still a bit edgy, I was relieved to see she was eating and drinking... even though she refused to bounce up and greet me like she usually does. The next morning, I brought the nestbox in for her to feed the kits.  She kept me waiting by repeatedly jumping in and out of the box. Her kits were so confused and demanded their mother... squeak, squeak! Eventually though, the urges of motherhood won out and she fed her babies.  The look on her face was hilarious! OK, OK, you win. No, Hershey…you win. Good girl! 

Thankfully, everyone is resting peacefully and I can breathe again.  

Disclaimer: I don't recommend moving a mother and new kits.  This was no fun at all...I think I lost 10 years off my life worrying. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bunny Hide and Seek

Now where is that Charlee?
Charlee has been settled in his new home for a couple of weeks now. He seems to be quite the happy bun. One of his daily play companions is my little niece, Jasmin. She is really enamored with this new fluffy friend. 

Found you!

Charlee has outdoor playtime each morning on my parent's screened in front porch. He hops around the porch until the day becomes too hot for Angoras.

Where'd he go? 
The bunny enjoys binky-ing around the porch and Jasmin enjoys a supervised session of hide and seek with Charlee. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

All the Way From England to Hold an English Angora

So much fluffy cuddlin'...
so little time.
This week was full of all sorts of fun stuff…besides moving, which really hasn’t been fun at all. 

I got to see my little niece Cassidy who came all the way from England to visit us for spring break. She’s growing up so fast. I really miss her being around. 

Cassie loves animals and is a superb animal caretaker (just ask her hamsters) so I was extra thrilled that she got a chance to play with Mom’s new English Angora bunny, Charlee.

Charlee originally lived at my house. His white toenail prevented him from being a show bunny, but it didn’t prevent him from being a great pet bunny. Mom provides him with a wonderful home where he can be cuddled all the time…and I get to still visit him...and so will Cassie!   

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hoppin' Circle March Wrap Up

At Home Pets tackles the tough topic of spaying/neutering rabbits.

The Kelfla Project explains how she values a group effort in her goal of beating the standard.

Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry makes her wrap up debut with a post about how her rabbitry was in the news!

The Nature Trail plays 'Hide and Seek' with a pair of Polish babies.

Monday, April 2, 2012

TRBA State Show Weekend

ARBA Exec. Director Eric Stewart judging BIS on Saturday.
Oh my!  I am completely exhausted from this weekend’s festivities in Belton, but boy did I have fun! There were approximately 24 Angoras entered so that gave us an excellent representation again.  Of course, all my good Angora friends were there.  We even made a few new ones as Dana sold one of her Satin Angora does to a nice central Texas family.  They have an English Angora as well... so, of course, we have to encourage them to bring her to the show table as well. We also had an excellent judge from Oregon (fiber mecca of the U.S.).  She was able to give tips to some of our local judges. Those gentlemen were so receptive and I learned a lot from just listening to her.  Thank you for always looking to learn and teaching me in the process.

Here are the results for Angora folks:

Friday’s Show (Judge Josh Humphries):
English Angora BOB: Kelly F. (Defiance’s leg #2 at 4 months...lucky girl!)
English Angora BOS: Sasha M.
Satin Angora BOB: Dana F.
Satin Angora BOS: Dana F.

Saturday’s Show (Judge Eunita Boatman):
English Angora BOB: Sasha M.
English Angora BOS: Sasha M.
French Angora BOB: Michael and Linda F.
French Angora BOS: Michael and Linda F.
Satin Angora BOB: Dana F.
Satin Angora BOS: Dana F.

Sunday’s Show(Judge Loyd Morgan Jr.):
English Angora BOB: Sasha M.
English Angora BOS: Kelly F. (Cimmerian!)
Satin Angora BOB: Dana F.
Satin Angora BOS: Dana F.

Good friends..what rabbit shows are all about.
Anyhow, it was a long weekend, but I had a blast.  We also had our first Texas Angora Rabbit Club meeting which was a big success.  My favorite part was getting to actually see some the rabbit friends I’ve gotten to know via blogs and Facebook.  I felt like I’ve known them forever, but Saturday was the first time we met. Our new officers/directors are in place and we have started making plans (more on that later) …which I am super excited about.  We’ve managed to gather a great group of folks! I will be our club secretary and hope to do a good job promoting the Angora breeds in our state. 
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