Thursday, April 12, 2012

All the Way From England to Hold an English Angora

So much fluffy cuddlin'...
so little time.
This week was full of all sorts of fun stuff…besides moving, which really hasn’t been fun at all. 

I got to see my little niece Cassidy who came all the way from England to visit us for spring break. She’s growing up so fast. I really miss her being around. 

Cassie loves animals and is a superb animal caretaker (just ask her hamsters) so I was extra thrilled that she got a chance to play with Mom’s new English Angora bunny, Charlee.

Charlee originally lived at my house. His white toenail prevented him from being a show bunny, but it didn’t prevent him from being a great pet bunny. Mom provides him with a wonderful home where he can be cuddled all the time…and I get to still visit him...and so will Cassie!   

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