Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Draw! I tell you!

I have been disappointed in myself. I have not been drawing I should. I am going to see Mr. Miyagi today, weather permitting, and I am dissatisfied with the quantity of drawings I have made. Yes, I had an RA flare or two; yes, I had the flu; yes, I babysit a 2 year old all day; BUT....doggone it! This is important to me and I haven't done it! Now get off your ass, Kel.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Son Is Reading A Book!

My oldest daughter, K, got me hooked. "Ishmael" was required reading for one of her CJ classes. Living out of town at the time, she called to tell me she had just read the best book ever. I filed that info into "cool stuff to know and use at a later date," promising myself to pick up a copy. Two years later, fate would have K and her two little ones moving in with us. As we were unpacking her boxes she pulled out her used copy of Ishmael. Violla! I was happy to begin reading and I must say that the book blew my mind. Not because the ideas within were so enlightening, but because the ideas were so mine. I felt a little invaded, as if I had been mind-melded by Daniel Quinn...and he hadn't asked. How rude! But most of all, I felt vindicated. Someone out there felt as I did. I gave this book to my Mom for her birthday and I have practically shoved it down the throat of anyone who would listen. I bought the audiobook for the men in my life who do not like to read. My Hubby begrudgingly listened to 20 minutes before falling asleep. I suggest it every evening, but Futurama wins out every night. I was dismayed. Yesterday morning my "today's educational system has killed my love of reading, unless it is video game format" 21 year old asked if I still had that book I was trying to get everyone to read. He took it to work with him. He quoted it on his Facebook status. In my mind I shouted, "YES!"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, if it's not the internet, it's the fever...

We had internet on Friday, but I was sick.  I spent all day Friday and Saturday in bed.  And when I mean I spent all day in bed, I mean that I stayed asleep in one position and did not lift my head.  I felt awful.  Everyone at the house was great.  James cooked meals, cleaned house, and watched all the kids.  He shuffled everyone where they needed to be.  The older kids pitched in and watched the baby when James had errands to run.  I think the kids thought I was going to die because they had the most worried look on their face when I finally came back around.  I cannot remember EVER feeling that sick.  I am glad it is over with.  But of course, that meant that I am behind on everything again.  Geez, I can't get caught up.  But today is a brand new day and I do not have a fever.  It's beautiful outside so I took advantage and moved a few rocks to make a border for a proposed flowerbed.  I had to move quickly because James is coming home from school early to check on me.  Later!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Internet = Ridiculous T-shirt

Our Mr. Biggles T-shirt

  Yesterday we had no internet due to the rolling blackouts so I did not post.  But    that did afford me the time to work on Elizabeth's Mr. Biggles shirt.  Even though we did not have power, I was still able to work because of the beautiful light in our house.  Big windows have their drawbacks, but I still think they're great.  Anyhow, I just drew a pattern that I thought would look cute and colored it in with fabric markers.  She was very happy with it and even said that she would not be embarassed to wear it to school (which I took as the ultimate compliment).  True to her word, E wore it today.  I thought it came out pretty good too.  This probably descends us down to some new insane level of pet infatuation.  I almost feel like we need a support group.  This is what happens when I have no internet.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holy Crap, it's freezing today!

I cannot believe that yesterday I was cleaning the garage with beautiful 60 degree weather.  It's about 25 degrees now and cold as crap.  Lovely.  Since it is chilly, I have relegated to the indoors. I am continuing to work on the drawings, but haven't done anything too impressive.  Of course, this is an opportunity for me to spend some time with Mr. Biggles.  I brushed his coat and tried to deal with the stubborn fur on the back of his neck; it is always trying to mat up.  He was trying to get a little pushy for a while.  He likes to be free to explore, not held.  I was gently persistent and now he gives in without too much of a struggle.  It's more like, "Aw, rats!", instead of "Oh no you don't!"  He loves to be groomed, though, and asks for it all the time.  We gave him free rein over the toy room over the weekend.  He was so happy!  He hopped around everywhere until he was pooped.  He weaved in and out around the kids while they played on the floor.  The kids were annoyed because he kept trying to hop into their ZhuZhu Pets Gladiator Ring, but I was excited to see him so perky.

Mr. Biggles at 9 weeks

Today is my 5th day on my cherry experiment.  Yesterday was a good day, but I did a lot of housework.  James felt that I overdid it.  He is probably right since that evening, my right hand became useless yet again.  I am back where I started at....blah.
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