Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Son Is Reading A Book!

My oldest daughter, K, got me hooked. "Ishmael" was required reading for one of her CJ classes. Living out of town at the time, she called to tell me she had just read the best book ever. I filed that info into "cool stuff to know and use at a later date," promising myself to pick up a copy. Two years later, fate would have K and her two little ones moving in with us. As we were unpacking her boxes she pulled out her used copy of Ishmael. Violla! I was happy to begin reading and I must say that the book blew my mind. Not because the ideas within were so enlightening, but because the ideas were so mine. I felt a little invaded, as if I had been mind-melded by Daniel Quinn...and he hadn't asked. How rude! But most of all, I felt vindicated. Someone out there felt as I did. I gave this book to my Mom for her birthday and I have practically shoved it down the throat of anyone who would listen. I bought the audiobook for the men in my life who do not like to read. My Hubby begrudgingly listened to 20 minutes before falling asleep. I suggest it every evening, but Futurama wins out every night. I was dismayed. Yesterday morning my "today's educational system has killed my love of reading, unless it is video game format" 21 year old asked if I still had that book I was trying to get everyone to read. He took it to work with him. He quoted it on his Facebook status. In my mind I shouted, "YES!"
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