Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, if it's not the internet, it's the fever...

We had internet on Friday, but I was sick.  I spent all day Friday and Saturday in bed.  And when I mean I spent all day in bed, I mean that I stayed asleep in one position and did not lift my head.  I felt awful.  Everyone at the house was great.  James cooked meals, cleaned house, and watched all the kids.  He shuffled everyone where they needed to be.  The older kids pitched in and watched the baby when James had errands to run.  I think the kids thought I was going to die because they had the most worried look on their face when I finally came back around.  I cannot remember EVER feeling that sick.  I am glad it is over with.  But of course, that meant that I am behind on everything again.  Geez, I can't get caught up.  But today is a brand new day and I do not have a fever.  It's beautiful outside so I took advantage and moved a few rocks to make a border for a proposed flowerbed.  I had to move quickly because James is coming home from school early to check on me.  Later!
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