Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Internet = Ridiculous T-shirt

Our Mr. Biggles T-shirt

  Yesterday we had no internet due to the rolling blackouts so I did not post.  But    that did afford me the time to work on Elizabeth's Mr. Biggles shirt.  Even though we did not have power, I was still able to work because of the beautiful light in our house.  Big windows have their drawbacks, but I still think they're great.  Anyhow, I just drew a pattern that I thought would look cute and colored it in with fabric markers.  She was very happy with it and even said that she would not be embarassed to wear it to school (which I took as the ultimate compliment).  True to her word, E wore it today.  I thought it came out pretty good too.  This probably descends us down to some new insane level of pet infatuation.  I almost feel like we need a support group.  This is what happens when I have no internet.  

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