Monday, January 16, 2012

Waxahachie Show Roundup

Waiting for Romeo to be judged
This weekend we returned to the scene of the crime - Waxahatchie TX.  It was last year this time that my daughter and I drove two hours north to pick up Mr. Biggles, the fuzzy little guy that started all this mess lol.  Our trip to get him wrapped up almost six months of rabbit research, which did not even cover rabbit shows. Of course, this year it was quite different since we came with our own bunny to show.  We had a blast!  My hubby did not come because our youngest son had a basketball tournament.  He is normally the photographer so needless to say, I didn't get too many pictures.

I was too busy learning about rabbits with Sasha and her mother, Dana.  Dana and I talked genetics, which is a subject that we both love. Sasha, as always, was great.  She's helped me so much with grooming.  One day I hope to be as good as her is.  Her rabbits always look stellar. But, most importantly, she got out our rabbits and showed me a lot about body type.  It does really help to get your hands on them and "feel" what you're shooting for.  She also helped me practice sexing young rabbits...which apparently I am terrible at.  I immediately went home and rechecked my babies again.  I'm pretty sure the pearl is a buck...rats :(   BUT, I will have my local bunny mentor verify today.

That's what I love about shows...the opportunity to learn from others and the chance to see good friends.  I also checked around to see if my poll finished up accurately or not.

The top breed percentage-wise were Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarf at 21%. There were certainly plenty of competition there. Second place was a three way tie between Holland Lop, Satins, and English Angoras.  I did actually see most of the breeds that everyone said they were bringing, of course. I did see a lot jersey woolies, though, and I actually saw some Polish and a couple of dwarf hotots on someone's cart...before I ran in the other direction (temptation!).  I meant to network a bit during the show and let folks know that I had a poll going for shows, but before it knew it...the show was over.  Time flies when you're having fun! I did manage to get a couple of cards out so we'll see.

Well, here are show results for the Angora folks.

English Angora BOB - Kelly Flading  (Hershey's 2nd leg...Yippee!)
English Angora BOS - Sasha McPherson
Satin Angora BOB - Dana Farber
Satin Angora BOS - Dana Farber

English BOB - Sasha McPherson
English Angora BOS - Kelly Flading
Satin BOB - Dana Farber
Satin BOS - Dana Farber

I was curious to see if any of my blog friends had went and if so, how they did.   I saw a couple of other folks I knew. However, there were folks I wanted to try to find, but never found them :(
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