Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beating the Standard

There was a lady at this weekend’s show.  I’ve seen her at a few shows…not showing, but checking out the rabbits and such.  She is really nice and I always enjoy talking to her.  I didn’t have a rabbit for her just then, but directed her to a fellow breeder that had some nice juniors.   

When he returned from the sale, he mentioned that the lady wanted to buy a show rabbit, but was worried about competing against the breeder.  She felt it was would be a losing battle.  He eased her mind, explaining that we all compete together and the winner is just the judge’s opinion of the best rabbit on THAT day…it could be different tomorrow, or with another judge. Really, anyone has a chance as long as we’re raising animals with good body type and wool texture/density.   

That statement was what really got me thinking…whom are we competing against?    

The SOP may be the #1 seed, but I root for the underdogs.
Maybe the correct question is…WHAT are we competing against?  ARBA’s Standard of Perfection.  

At least that’s how I look at it.  Every breeding decision, every feeding regime, and every animal purchase is geared to a single goal:  Beating the Standard.   

I take what I have, try to make smart decisions and make my herd better so I can come closer and closer to beating that SOP.  Sure, there are other folks there with rabbits on the judge’s table.  But the competition is a group effort of like-minded people with the same adversary ...sounds like a team to me!  

That Standard needs a major butt whoopin’ and I LOVE to see it get it. I am happy whenever I see a fine animal…if it's mine, that's awesome. If it's someone else's, that's awesome too.  It just means a teammate has made a good play. Someone scored a buzzer beater...blocked a shot.  Good for them.  High five! When they do it, we all win. Go team! 

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