Thursday, August 2, 2012

Welcome to the Herd!

We've got a few more rabbits to welcome to the herd! Our last litter is now 16 weeks old. We ended up with 3 black bucks and a chocolate sable doe.  One of the boys is going to a wonderful fiber home. He's a big, fluffy ragdoll who will no doubt make his new family so happy. 

Kelfla's Cricket - Chocolate Sable EA
After much thought, I've decided to hold on to the chocolate sable doe for our pearl program.  She is developing a nicer body type and the best furnishings.  But the real reason she gets to stay is because she is the sweetest little doe, coupled with a good type.  She and the little fiber buck are the most people focused of the litter.  They get so excited to see anyone when they come to the rabbit room and run to the front of their pen for a pet. 

The other two boys...I just couldn't make my mind up on.  Kingfish definitely has a better body type, but might be the messiest little buck ever.  His density is wonderful...but he's like a 5 year old...who just got done playing tackle football... in a tuxedo...on a rainy day.  What a mess! 

Now Bruce Lee will make a nice show rabbit personality wise; he has a decent body...and he's not near so messy.  I had originally sold him as a show bun to a very nice lady.  Her plans have changed and she's not moving to Texas after all.  She gave him his name.  My family liked it stuck.  I will hold on to him for a bit so Kingfish has a buddy to go to shows with.  

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