Thursday, August 30, 2012

Construction on the Kelfla Craft & Fiber Hut

Well, OK....It's just a shed, but I'm still super excited about having my own place to work on fiber projects and whatever else I come up with. As always, DH is busy helping make things better.  Thank goodness for him.

Although I'll have to share my "creativity hut" with holiday decorations, long forgotten sports equipment and empty computer boxes...I can hardly wait to be able to have a dedicated space for fiber storage, a spinning wheel, and an endless supply of craft magazines and supplies.  

Hopefully, we'll be finished within the next two weeks.  A lot of our schedule depends on how tough a semester Brian has.

Then we can begin on the next project:  a deck around the shed so I can sit on the front porch and spin in the morning sun. hubby says..."One thing at a time."  

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