Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Local Rabbit Club Meeting About Cavies

One thing I really like about our local all-breed rabbit club is that each month we learn a little something new. Kudos to those folks who plan each month's presentation, game, or activity. 

Last night we attended our monthly local rabbit club meeting and learned a bit more about cavies.  ARBA Judge Michael Franke gave an excellent presentation, teaching youth and adults about cavy body type, fur, and general care.  Right now, our activities are geared towards preparing our youth for Convention.  

Here are some things that I didn't know about guinea pigs.
  •  Four toes on the front feet....only three on the back. 
  • How much I liked the Abyssinian breed.  DH shook his head "no" from the back of the room.  
  • Roan is a white intermingled with another color...and my favorite color variety.  
  • They are only allowed two teats; anything more or less is a DQ...but they can raise 3 or 4 babies easily with no problem.    
  • Cavies become sexually mature at 3 separate at weaning.  
  • After a 70 day gestation period, they are born with fur and eyes open...similar in development to a six week old rabbit. 
By the end of the presentation and  hands on piggie time, most of the kids were begging for a cavy.  I have to admit that I really wanted one too. 

Next month's activity....Bunny Bingo.  I can hardly wait! 

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