Friday, May 25, 2012

Kits Move Into The Bunny Room

Sleepy kits during
kitchen demolition
Hershey and Cimmerian's kits are now 6 weeks old and have lived with us in our living room all their life. They are all doing really well.  My daughter and I weigh them every afternoon and all are gaining weight and growing.  So....since Hershey joined the rest of the herd earlier in the week (the kits were making her cuckoo), we decided that it was time to have all the rabbits centrally located in the bunny room. 

You guys again!
I have mixed feelings because I so enjoy having them in the house with us, even though I could live without the stray hay bits everywhere. But, these little guys will definitely be bomb proof kits because they have been through everything! 

Relaxing in their new room
They've survived car rides, moving to a new house, rambunctious kids, yappy dogs, and a kitchen demolition...complete with miter saws, high powered drills, and hammering that would have drove most humans nuts.  They took it all in stride as they spread out on their pen floor, quietly munching hay through it all.  They are all happily social and come running up the to anyone who dares pass by the pen...begging for attention.  Of course, I always stop to visit which means that I am always behind in my daily duties. Oops!   
Oops! Me getting caught in the
rabbit room...again. Maybe we should have
left everyone in the living room haha :)

This morning was definitely weird.  I get up at 5am every day and peck on the computer while listening to the wake up ping of cage wire against that morning's bouncy bunny feet.  Today it was so quiet.  Sure, I got up and went to check on everyone tucked in the bunny room.  They were all just fine and I can't resist visiting everyone for a quick pat on the head before heading back out and waking up the rest of the house.  Still, it was different...empty nest syndrome, I'm sure :)
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