Friday, June 1, 2012

Texas Angora Rabbit Club Web Site Is Up!
I am so excited to announce that our Texas Angora Rabbit Club Web site is up and running!  It's a simple little Web site, but it allows us to get information out and accept memberships much easier.  

While it might seem like things have been quiet, we've been very busy preparing the club's foundation.  Our Vice President Ricardo has been very busy working on a very nice newsletter that is available to TARC members. He has worked very hard and it shows. 

DH, Treasurer John, President Sasha and I have been working on a webinar to help club members learn more about Angora rabbits.  Our first webinar is called Angora 101.  It will be a different kind of way to reach out to our members (and others) that are scattered all over our big state.  I'm so excited to see how it goes.  

John and I have had hectic schedules these last couple of months.  Part of our job was to set up a bank account for the club.  John and Sasha came all the way over to my side of the state and we were able to set things up that will allow us to function as a club.  Woo hoo!

We have lots to do still, though.  I have to finish up the junior director slots.  We've got an amazing young man who will be wonderful at that position.  He's just waiting on us. We've just got to get his position placed into our bylaws correctly.   

Anyhow, I am very hyped about our club right now.  It's fun to hang out with group of people who really love their Angora rabbits...just like me.   
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