Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Clippin'

Little Sun looking a bit like a Sky terrier 
Defiance checking out mom's new hairdo 
Looks like summer is here! It will be 106 degrees today and 108 degrees tomorrow.  Yuck! The Angoras are all in their climate controlled rabbit room, but a clipped down rabbit is a happy rabbit around here anyhow.  It's just too hot for all this wool.  

It usually takes me a few days to clip down each rabbit.  Most others can do this job pretty quickly, but my hands do not always cooperate. I take my time and do it in phases since my hands usually give out way before the rabbit's done.  This allows me to have a bit of fun, too. 

My rabbits humor me by parading around like little pups for a day or two while my hands recover. I've thought about getting shears to speed up the process, but then I wouldn't get to have all this fun :)

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