Monday, July 2, 2012


Oh yes, it's hot outside, but the boys (and the one little girl) keep growing their wool inside our cooler bunny room. The kits have changed so much.  They are now 11 weeks old.  I really like how they are developing, but as with everything else rabbit.'s always a work in progress. 

I still haven't found our camera bag from our, now not so recent, move.  I haven't completely given up hope, I refuse to buy another charger just yet.  Although, I really miss the great pictures I get when I have that camera.  For now, I have to settle for mediocre camera phone pics. 

All of the juniors are so laid back. I just love their little personalities.  The doe is particularly sweet...too bad she's not a recognized color. Although, I have thought about keeping her for my pearl line. Time will tell.  I've been working with all of them...getting them used to the blower, etc. I am excited about the fall shows.  Here's to hoping that everyone keeps on developing well!     

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