Monday, July 16, 2012

TARC Webinar was fun...and a success!

Technology is wonderful! I'm so excited about being able to communicate with folks around our state (and beyond). I really enjoyed our first webinar and, to be honest, I wasn't sure how everything would go off.  I knew we were working hard, but sometimes you just don't know if things will pan out the way you envisioned.  

We had 9 attendees from all over Texas and Louisiana who were engaged, asking questions, and learning. Sasha put on an excellent presentation with help from her bunny models, Candy and FooFoo.  There was time to discuss things that we never get a chance to discuss at a show, or even when just visitng. The whole thing went without any major glitches and I'm sure that everyone got something out of it (including me).   Our attendees asked excellent questions and even gave some good, supportive advice too.  I have to say that our first webinar was a success!

The Texas Angora Rabbit Club hopes to expand our webinars as part of our plan to educate others in our state about our favorite rabbits...Angoras.  

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