Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rapunxel ,Rapunxel...let down your long hair

Rapunxel is doing just that....letting her hair wool down around PetSmart...around the house...around the yard! 

Here's some new pictures from our favorite chocolate fiber girl, Rapunxel!  Her bunny mom was kind enough to send some new pics so we could see how she is doing!  I just love how silky her wool looks in the sun.  She's a beautiful bunny...and living the good life in her mama's music room! Rapunxel has the run of the house most of the day now.  She has learned her litterbox manners...much to her mom's relief, I'm sure.   

When Rapunxel is not lounging around the house, she is a busy girl. She has visited the library for a children's demo and she even got to go to PetSmart! Rapunxel is an amazing bunny ambassador and draws adoring fans where ever she goes.  I am so happy Rapunxel's mom gets to spread the Angora love.  These rabbits are so wonderful.  I always tell people...Don't hold one.  You'll never want to let it go! 

My favorite pic is the one I call "The Three Musketeers" where Rapunxel, Rapunxel's best buddy Jinx and kitty are all hanging out on the lawn...or maybe it should be called "The Three Amigos"...either way, it's pretty cute.   

Of course, I always have to add a disclaimer that Angora rabbits require a lot of extra maintenance.  They are not for everyone.  Rapunxel's mom is a very experienced bunny mom and she is able to do a lot with her bunny because she knows bunny body language.  I am so happy she shares Rapunxel's life with I can share with you :) 
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