Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Central Texas RC Show Wrap Up

Kiera grooming pretty Chrissy
Boy was it hot on Saturday, but our Angoras had a fun filled day nevertheless! The Central Texas Rabbit Club show in Austin, TX was well-run as usual.  I got to see a lot of my Angora friends...  Danielle and her always beautiful children, Ricardo, Sasha, and Dana. Sasha's lovely English Angoras stayed home this time, but she and her mom brought their Satin Angoras.  There were plenty of Angoras represented ...10 English Angoras, 15 Satin Angoras, and 4 French Angoras. 

Here are the results:
 Show A (Judge Scott Weibensohn)
English Angora BOB - Brian Flading (Defiance's 3rd leg!)
English Angora BOS - Ricardo Gonzalez
French Angora BOB - Michael/Linda Franke
French Angora BOS - Michael/Linda Franke
Satin Angora BOB - Dana Faber
Satin Angora BOS - Dana Faber
Show B (Judge Gail Krall)
English Angora BOB - Brian Flading (Defiance again!)
English Angora BOS - Ricardo Gonzalez
French Angora BOB - Michael/Linda Franke
French Angora BOS - Michael/Linda Franke
Satin Angora BOB - Sasha McPherson
Satin Angora BOS - Sasha McPherson

Little Sun & Defiance in the coop
 I felt bad for Defiance's mama, Little Sun.  She came to the show as well and was quite pretty, but was unable to outshine her little girl.  Little Sun got some great comments for wool texture, density, and furnishings.  Her body type just doesn't quite measure up to Defiance, though.  Little Sun is a little long in the shoulder and ever so slightly pinched.  This was the first time they both were shown in a full coat and I could feel good about my decision to breed her to Cimmerian.  Defiance is an improvement over her parents and that is, after all, what it's all about.  I felt fortunate that Defiance got her mother's lovely wool and her father's nicer body type. 

Ricardo cooping his REWs
Other notes from the show included a lesson in using the blower from Ricardo. He has an amazing little Metro QuickDraw blower. I like it much better than my bulkier Metro AF Commander.  Ricardo also helped me learn how to deal with accidental show bunny spayings from cage neighbors and how to clean up your bun (without clipping the wool) if this ever happens...such useful info!  I also practiced feeling body type by putting my hands on almost every one of Ricardo's rabbits.  Thanks, Ricardo!

I also got to see a rabbit's teeth get clipped.  I had never seen that before and I have to say that my friend, Susan, is most skillful.  I hope she made that beautiful bunny a little more comfortable and her human mom's day a little brighter.  
Dana, Sasha, and Judge Scott
I must also note that all the judges this weekend gave interesting comments, but as an Angora breeder, Judge Scott was full of some extra useful information.  It was a pleasure to hear his comments and I can't say enough how much I learn every time I show my rabbits...so, if you don't show your rabbits, you don't know what you're missing!         
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