Saturday, October 15, 2011

SARBA Show in Seguin TX

Judge Mike taking a look at the English Angoras.
Little Sun's big fluffy butt is on the far right.
This weekend we headed to Seguin for our first rabbit show of the fall. We had a great time and met some wonderful folks! And...we got to see Dana and her yummy red satin angoras again. She even showed me how to use that drop spindle I bought...she just couldn't watch me trying to spin. Yes, it was that painful. I am going to get better, though.
About the rabbits...the biggest news was that there were other English Angoras there! Some folks from Kyle came up with two bunnies. How great! We only stayed until 3:30 because the heat was making my poor bunnies miserable. But our two did very well for Show A. Little Sun was BOB and Cimmerian was BOS! Now to prep for the Killeen show!

Judge Mike about to examine Cimmerian.
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