Monday, October 3, 2011

Bo Jackson ...the Mini Rex

Bo and A
Well, time had come to say goodbye to Bo, A's mini rex.  I have grown to like that little bunny.  However, I am focusing on my EA's and, unfortunately, there is only so much room.
When I had been a pet foster mom (years ago), it was always hard to let them go.  But I am happy that he gets a chance to be someone's love bunny.

It had been four weeks since he had been neutered so the ad went out Friday.  He was immediately swiped up by one smart, young lady who drove all the way from Burnett.  He will make a wonderful pet.  I felt really good about sending him to his forever home.  Bo's new bunny mama asked alot of questions and that is usually a good sign. He will live in the lap of luxury as a bedroom bunny.  Good luck to ya, Bo! We'll miss ya :)
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