Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Good Vet Is Hard To Find

Veterinarians who are familiar with rabbits are hard to find. Most of the rabbit friendly vets I've found do primarily pet rabbits...which is cool, but I want a vet that is flexible enough to see my rabbits as pets OR livestock and not get preachy with me about it. So off I go, in search of the perfect vet for me and my animals.

What was I looking for? I stayed away from the metropolitan areas (like Austin).  Those metropolitan clinics tend to be pricey and geared toward pet animals.  My rabbits are my pets, but they are also versatile enough to be like little sheep (a reference to their wooly bodies).  To be honest, if I had real sheep, I would probably call them my pets as well.  Anyhow, a small town would be where I would find the right vet for me... preferably a clinic with livestock panel gates on the premises. I would like to find a place that sees large animals and small animals. Rabbit experience is definitely a plus, but I am not opposed to someone willing to learn with me. I would really appreciate a vet who has the guts to say, "I don't know, but I'll find out."

Luckily, I struck gold on my first time out (lots of research involved to set up a "lucky" break). Dr. Wright and everyone at Belton Veterinary Clinic was wonderful! The lady at the desk put us in an exam room right away, so my bun wouldn't have to sit with a waiting room full of dogs.  The vet was helpful and knowledgeable.  Everyone took pictures of my fluffy bunny. Charlee was quite a hit. But what sealed the deal was what was on the wall of our exam room. Right next to the obligatory heartworm poster, hung a picture of a little girl beaming as she held her show bunny. Bingo!

Most pet bunny folks in Central Texas head towards the Austin or Dallas area for bunny med care.  If you live in Central Texas, save yourself the drive. Check these guys out.
Nice folks.  

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