Friday, April 29, 2011

OK, so it's been a while...

I have been busy. Yes, I have still been writing, but not on the computer. I confess that I haven't been writing everyday. I daydream about rabbits, mostly. Rabbits and relationships. I'll explain more about that later. For now, I will just catch up.
There are 4 rabbits living here now. Elizabeth got a baby Netherland Dwarf to show. My stepson got an older Mini-Rex, also to show. I have taken over Mr. Biggles and Charlee (Like I didn't see that coming and gave it a big ol' bear hug). I'm pretty sure everyone knew that was what I wanted anyway. I just wish all those other rabbits were English Angoras.
I am gearing up for a big class load this summer. I am trying to hurry up and graduate so James can graduate at his own pace. I should be close to graduation by spring. It all depends on financial aid.
I have been to see Mr. Miyagi once. I produced mediocre drawings indicative of the time spent on them and bought an igloo doghouse for his strays. I have not been back, but I try to "see" everything with an artistic eye. I want to be ready. I will not show up with crap again.
Also, I quit worrying so much about what I'm supposed to be doing. I enjoy James' company, help the kids, and care for the bunnies. Life is good. I have instructed God that if he has anything else in mind for me, he will have to roll out a red carpet for me to notice. I am confidant that he will do so. That is his way with me.
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