Monday, May 9, 2011

Lesson of the Day: Good Lighting is Essential

In a consolidation effort, this entry was added from another blog on September 6, 2011.
We took Charlee to his first show this weekend.  I was so excited because I thought he looked really good.  I did concede that I have no idea what the judges would look for except what I had read online.  I counted toes, verified eye color, clipped toenails, checked his man parts to ensure everything was there and blew out his coat.  He would at least look pretty...and fluffy.  I printed off a rabbit show checklist I found online.  Thanks to whoever put that thing online because it was perfect! I made everyone at the house insane because I was so revved up for the show.  I apologize for that: I just wanted to make sure I had everything perfect.  Anyhow, I plopped Charlee in his little carrier and headed off the the show, family (and their bunnies) in tow.   Everyone was so nice in Austin.  They showed us where to go and what paperwork to fill out.  Even in line, we found kind folks ready to help out.  Rabbit people are so nice!

And of course, Sasha and John were there with their little chocolate EAs.  I had those things on my mind ever since Sasha mentioned them at the State Show last month.  I could not resist and bought their last little doe which we named Hershey.  James bought her for K, so she'd have a bunny to show as well.  Of course, I will keep her and care for her and pretty much consider her mine because K does not like animals in her house.  K then coined the phrase "grandbunny"...a rabbit she can cuddle and then return to someone else who is responsible for care and upbringing.  

At the show, Sasha and family were so gracious.  They really took time to help me.  I obviously had much to learn about grooming these little guys.  Sasha taught me how to turn the rabbits over and brush out their legs so the whole bunny looks like a fluffy ball.  Charlee was not pleased, but he was a good sport.  I spent most of the day trying to drag every bit of rabbit info out of Sasha, John, and Sasha's mom.  It was nice to be able to talk to someone who had rabbits like me.  And, most of all, to see their rabbits in real life.  They were so patient.  By the way, our little bunny from Sasha did quite well at the table.  She placed first in her class in both shows.  What a wonderful start!

But it wasn't all wine and roses....

The judges' table held my only disappointment of the day.  Show A:  Charlee was DQ'd for a white toenail.  How did I not see that?  Both James and I looked at all his little toenails.  Rats!  Immediately, we were called for Show B:  Charlee was DQ'd again....for white toenails.  I was sad for Charlee, although he seemed unphased.  On the up side, he got great comments otherwise.  I was still a bit skeptical about the toenails (because I always know best haha), although two very experienced judges apparently felt otherwise.  We had looked at those toenails at the house.  Every site I visited about rabbit show preparations said check for DQs (toenails included) and we did.  I pulled his fur back and held his paw up in the revealing sunlight.  Ugh!  There it was it bright daylight....a shiny, white toenail.  It was so glaringly obvious that I just looked at James and say, "I think we need new lightbulbs."  

Charlee and Biggles out in the sun...where I should have looked at Charlee's toenails.  

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