Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cane Day

As I wait for English Angora Lady (as I dubbed her on my phone) to call me back, I look for other things to do. My knee has other ideas for me today...stupid RA....and has deemed today a "cane" day. That's cool. I just have to be creative. Mostly, though, I find that it just stresses everyone out around me and they just yell at me to "Sit down and rest!"--- lovingly of course. I patiently sit propped up on the couch recliner and wait for everyone else to walk out the door, getting on with their day. That buys me three hours of time to get stuff done as the house goes to crap on these kinds of days.  Really, it buys me time to sit and groom Mr. Biggles for a bit before my Hubby comes home and says,"Isn't that Elizabeth's rabbit? Shouldn't she be doing that?"
Image by renjith krishnan
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