Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Hi, this is Maureen...."

Image by Ambro
Well, well, well. During all this bunny hunting, I made a lot of phone calls. I was desperate to snag the perfect little English Angora bunny present for E to find right under the Christmas tree. The rabbits were not cooperating. Most people I contacted did not have a single baby nor adult available. There were several litters about to be born right before Christmas. But those babies would require at least 6 weeks with Mom. Also, color identification with these little guys apparently can be tricky when first born. Elizabeth had her heart set on a blue bunny, before Mr. Biggles came around. So, leaving no base uncovered, I put my name and number out there for all of them. And in come the phone calls. Rats. This is terrible news for me as I want all of them. Elizabeth's blue bunny that started all this will be weaned next month. I'm thinking, would one more make that much of a difference? The phone rings. It's Maureen. Her bunnies are now weaned...
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