Friday, December 14, 2012

Google + Rabbit Communities

I spend a lot of time on Facebook...however, not so much to keep up with family and friends anymore.  I am usually on the Facebook rabbit groups.  While these groups can be super dramatic, they can also be an interactive resource of information if used properly.  I've really learned a lot from discussions on these groups.  

Facebook groups are great, but Facebook isn't the only way to communicate with rabbit people.  The new Google + Community pages (released December 6th) also does all the great things Facebook does, but it allows topics to be searchable...which Facebook does not.

I know that the last thing some folks need is yet another social network to keep track of, but it's really not bad if the Google+ application is downloaded to your phone or computer. You can get (or turn off) notifications just like Facebook.  Most rabbit social media folks are on Facebook, but I think the Google+ communities will provide an additional way for rabbit people to communicate with the added bonus of indexed more scrolling through a zillion old posts to find that one post about nestbox management

Above is a video about Google communities and below are a couple of links to rabbit communities. Enjoy!

Google+ Rabbit Breeders Community
Google+ Angora Rabbits Community 

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