Monday, December 10, 2012

Catching Up

There has been a lot going on lately.  So much that I have been neglecting my blog...nothing bad, just enjoying my rabbits and rabbit hobby. I've been learning so much.  Since I haven't been around, I thought I'd share a bit of what I've been up to.
  • Lots of Christmas knitting at my favorite yarn shop. So far, I've completed the shawl, three pairs of mittens and have begun work on an octopus.  I belong the the local fiber guild and I've made a lot of new friends and have even learned to spin. Yay!
  • Rearranging the rabbit room.  We've completely moved everything around to better organize the space we have. I love that we brought back in the pens DH had made for me.  The Rabbitech cages are great, but my hubby's handmade cages are very special to me, plus they make great nursery pens.  
  • We also enstalled a camera system inside the rabbit room.  I can watch "bunny TV" from the comfort of my own living room couch. It's great!
  •   Club work. My secretarial duties have definitely kept me busy with the Southern Angora Rabbit Club.  We're working on our ARBA affiliation and setting our 2013 webinar schedule. We were so lucky to end our 2012 webinar season with a great presentation by Linda Cassella. It was so informative. Everyone asked such amazing questions.  I'm very thankful to Linda for to taking the time to answer everyone's questions. 
  • Add to that all the holiday hoopla, Kiki's volleyball schedule and Brian's fall semester class load...well, things have been busy. 
Hopefully, I've gotten a grip on things around here and can catch up again.  And now, if you'll excuse me...I've got some Christmas decorations to get up :)
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