Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Rabbitech System = Rabbit Room Remodel

Painting the rabbit room Behr paint color "Peru"
"Peru" means purple....very purple.
Rabbitech as it arrives on a pallet
"Now where ARE those directions?"
Christmas (and my birthday, and anniversary) came early this year.  Hubby surprised me with a new cage system from KW Cages...Rabbitech Cages.  Woohoo!!!  

They arrived this week on a nice little pallet.  That meant moving everything out of the rabbit room and a good scrubbing. Blah.

Sooo, since the room was empty anyway....out comes the sketch pad to draw up a rabbit room makeover.  First was a new paint color...
something bright and tropical.  A fiery coral was my first pick, but I really wanted something cooler.  So I went with a Behr paint called Peru.  Jeepers, it's super purple!  I could never get away with that inside the we just went for it.  Hubby was kind enough to help...again.
All put together and ready
 In the end, we only finished half of the rabbit room...just enough to get the cage system in.  The rest will come along throughout the winter.  But I have a nice sketch to guide me.   

It took two days to put that Rabbitech system together, but this was totally worth it!  Just a bucket of water down the drains and I was done cleaning.  Bye, bye trays.  Thank goodness! What to do now?.....well, groom....of course.    
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