Sunday, September 23, 2012

Johnson County RC/SW RBA Show Wrapup

It was wonderful to see my show friends after a long summer break, BUT...Boy, was it hot in Cleburne TX this weekend!  

Judge Scott judging BIS
We arrived at Friday evening's show and I almost turned right around and went home as it was mighty hot in the barn for Angoras.  The rabbits went straight to the hotel while I checked in for the show. 

We took a bit of a gamble, but I was worried about the rabbits. Angoras are usually called to the judge's table towards the end of the show here.  I stayed at the show to be able to scratch the rabbits in case they were called.  Hubby had bunny sitting duties until the sun went down and everything cooled off.  
Bruce Lee's BFF, the fan
I grabbed what was likely the last power outlet in the building and settled in.  Once the sun set and temps cooled, the rabbits came back and I began grooming everyone.  I had just started... and guess what?  Angoras get called to Judge Scott Rodriguez's table.  Eek! (not for Judge Scott...but for my "still in the process of being groomed" rabbits).  I gave him a big laugh by rushing to the table and putting up all three of my entries...with soft hair bands on still their furnishings. Oh geez! 

Judge Scott was very nice and I got some good comments about my all rabbits. I returned Bruce Lee to the grooming table and was able to make finish "dolling him up" for BIS Show A.  Everyone was called to the table for BIS and I was so surprised!  Bruce Lee won 2nd RIS!  I couldn't believe it...that made my whole terrible day...and lots of bunny juggling much better.  

The only thing was that all my Texas Angora friends who have mentored me (like Ricardo, Dana and Sasha) weren't scheduled to arrive until Saturday.  I wanted to call them...but it was so late.  And special thanks to my friend, Ricardo, for  telling me, "Ivermectin that baby.  He'll fill out nicely."  As always, you were right.     

The next day it was still super hot.  I spent a lot of time visiting with my good friends. I chose not to blow out coats again because I didn't want to stress the rabbits. I was working overtime just keeping them on ice. No one looked awful...just not as pretty as when when they're blown out. That's the downside of showing Angoras in Texas. 

After a day filled with ice for buns and fans, the rabbits all made it home safe and healthy.  I, however, was exhausted and dehydrated from rushing around trying to keep rabbits cool.
Here are the show results from this weekend:

Show A (Judge Scott Rodriguez)
English Angoras BOB:  Kelly Flading
2nd Reserve In Show: Kelly Flading (Yay, Bruce Lee!)

Show B (Judge Carrol Hooks)
English Angoras BOB: Caylie Voudren
English Angoras BOS: Kelly Flading (Kingfish)
Satin Angoras BOB: Dana Faber
Satin Angoras BOS: Dana Faber

Show C (Judge Ken McCracken)
English Angoras BOB: Kelly Flading (Bruce Lee)
English Angoras BOS: Sasha McPherson
Satin Angoras BOB: Dana Faber
Satin Angoras BOS: Dana Faber
I really wanted to stay for Show C's BIS, but it was just too hot.  It would have been nice to see how Bruce Lee did. 
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