Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Am Thankful...

I am thankful for many things.  I have a great life with an amazing family...each person priceless in their own way.
We're all wonderfully unorganized for a photo op during
DH's "Respect the Beard" birthday party this month.
Mom sneakily offers to take the pic so she doesn't have
to be seen with a "beard" on.  I'm on to you, Mom!

I am at peace with my little part of the world. Since this is my rabbit blog, I thought that I might focus on what I am thankful for in bunny land.
  • I am thankful for the people I have met.  Rabbit folks are kind and helpful.  The friends I have made in this hobby always seem to have time for my questions and are patient with me as I learn.  I will probably continue to pester you with my silly ideas.      
  • I am thankful that I have such sweet rabbits.  Each and every one is special.  
All of these rabbit obsessions can be traced
 back to Mr. Biggles.  
  • I am thankful for bloggers and web site authors.  Without you, I would still be fumbling around in the dark.  I am grateful that you take the time to share your experiences...even if you often feel like you are talking to yourself.  
  • I am thankful for online groups and those who moderate them.  Your reponses are relevant, timely, and peer-reviewed...all key to good information sources.     
  • Most of all, I am thankful that my family understands (although they may not always agree with) my obsessive ways.  Come on guys! I am like this with everything....not just rabbits. I love you all.  

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