Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dana's Yummy Red Satin Angora..and other stuff

Congratulations to my angora friend, Dana!  Her Satin Angora won BOS at the ARBA Convention 2011.  That buck is wonderful!  I am already making plans for next year's convention in Wichita, Kansas. Note: My planning so far mostly involves begging DH. I hope to move quickly on from that to the "real" planning.  Hope to see you there!

Speaking of next year's shows and Wichita...I have been talking to my bunny friends about heading north to Kansas for the angora specialty. It is held the second weekend in June. It's a nice indoor, air conditioned double show with angora specialty. Showroom opens the night before. We had such an awesome time last year. It would be great to have a group of Texas folks to represent...just sayin'.
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