Friday, March 8, 2013

Stonewall Starts A New Career

Terri's Stonewall Jackson has come a long way from the little buck I picked up in Wisconsin last year. I just love his sweet personality and amazing density...not to mention that he has a nice little body under all that wool. I had planned to take him to Wichita this past year as one of my Convention entries.

However, Stonewall had other plans. He gave himself a haircut along the left side of his face and over his shoulder. No Convention for him. He didn't seem to mind and just made himself at home for the rest of the fall. 

I am pleased that Stonewall decided to grow back a super dense coat. He's been coming to shows with me throughout the winter while the babies were growing up. He's done a fine job representing his breed in a not so common color (black pearl).  He won several BOBs and 1 leg towards his championship.

Now that my latest litter has become juniors, he'll probably begin the hard work of being herd sire for our shadeds. If his coat holds, his last show will be the TRBA State Show at the end of March.

It's been fun, Stonewall! 

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