Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Harvesting Hershey

Hershey in coat
Patiently waiting for me to finish...sort of.
I love her round body. 

Well, I've been holding off on removing Hershey girl's coat because we have a couple of shows that I really wanted her to make.  However, Hershey decided that her coat has had enough so it was time to clip her down. I usually take a couple of days to do it as she is super dense and my hands can only take the "clip, clip" of scissors for so long before they start crying.  She was super patient as I clipped her down.  I got the top of her today.  Tomorrow I'll take off her underside wool. It gave me a chance to be reminded about how wonderful a rabbit she is underneath all that wool.  AND, gave me new motivation to negotiate a deal with DH to breed her a wee bit earlier than I had originally planned....since she's already clipped down and all.  That would give me some nice convention babies....bwhahahahahah :)

By the way...Hershey produced 5.4 ounces of yummy fiber from her top side.
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