Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Am A Rabbit Breeder

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I am a rabbit breeder…

·      My rabbits are on my mind first thing in the morning.

·      I wake up early to make sure all my rabbits are fed and watered.

·      I am constantly learning so I can provide better care for my rabbits.

·      I am a healer, a groomer, and a maid for my rabbits.

·      I worry about them whenever I am out for the day.

·      I plan and re-plan.

·      I read my SOP…again.

·      I play with my rabbits.

·      I grow things for my rabbits.

·      I love my rabbits and have received my share of bunny kisses.

·      I will make the hard, but necessary, decisions.

·      If, they ever leave my care, my rabbits are always welcomed back home.

·      My rabbits are on my mind as I drift off to sleep.

·      I can’t wait to check on them in the morning.

Raising rabbits is time-consuming and responsibility laden. I take none of this lightly...but I am proud of the work I do. 

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