Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Litter Box Adventures - Part Deux

Continuing with the litter box theme...We also tried what we dubbed the "Sterilite Special". 

It is a modified Sterilite plastic storage bin.  This worked pretty well for our messier bucks.  It was definitely cheap...$1.25 spent on black plastic door guard trim.   

We simply used an old plastic container we had and the plastic door guard trim.  We started by drawing our door onto the container using a sharpie marker.  We then drilled a hole through the plastic (and inside the door we drew) so a jigsaw blade could fit in. We then used the jig saw to cut out the door. 

WARNING: Be very careful if you try doing this.  Wear safety glasses and watch hands/fingers.  Plastic cuts  very differently than wood.  We only made one because I was chicken about the cutting.  A Dremel might work better, but ours burnt out during one of my other "ideas".  

The door guard trim went around the cut edges to keep from snagging wool.  We drilled holes through the plastic and used carabiner clips to attach the litter box to the cage.  We placed wood pellets in the bottom and put a plastic foot pad over the pellets.  

The Sterilite Special worked well at first. Then our buck decided to just use the area just outside the litter box.  He didn't seem to like the "trapped in" feeling when he was inside.  I wonder if he'd like it better if we cut out two holes in the tote.  Rabbits always seem like to have another exit so that could have been the problem.  
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