Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Quest for Rabbit Information Alternatives

There is a lot of information out there regarding rabbit housing/care.  I've read a lot of books.  I've read or viewed any rabbit article I could find on the Internet over the last year, especially angora.  If you have a rabbitry website or a rabbit care page, I've probably viewed it.  Thanks for adding to my information base!  I've watched way too many YouTube videos and joined no less than ten online groups...very interesting, diverse information, with a sprinkling of radicalism to boot (I love them!).  There are lots of opinions out there and that's wonderful!  These little creatures are so diverse that everyone has their own way of handling them...and that's cool.

So the Kelfla Project has tons of resources...and that is wonderful.   I will probably use a little bit of everything.  I am working on a list of information so I can credit properly because at first, I did not keep good records of where I got the information.

However, my current favorite source of information (besides those wonderful online groups) is laboratory animal housing guidelines and rabbit research papers.  I particularly like the ones from other countries.  They give me a different perspective...kind of like watching BBC news.  I will likely add some of this info to the bits and pieces I've been collecting.
Here are some examples of what I've been looking at:

Happy information hunting!

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